Carlow Autumn Walking Festival 2nd – 4th October 2015

Carlow Autumn Walking Festival 2nd – 4th October 2015

If you’re a serious rambler or just like to stretch your legs and enjoy the view, Carlow is a brilliant destination to explore on foot.

The Carlow Autumn Walking Festival is a great opportunity for beginner, experienced or advanced walkers to enjoy the challenge of Carlow’s mountain treks or the peace of its woodland and forest parks. A beautiful and varied landscape, knowledgeable local guides and excellent accommodation all combine to ensure a relaxing break.


Guidelines for walkers – choosing the correct walk

Each walk has a category; either “A walk”, “B walk” or “C Walk”:

  • A walk – very experienced hillwalkers
  • B walk – experienced hillwalkers
  • C walk – leisure/regular walkers

Walkers should be satisfied that they are fully capable of undertaking their chosen walk. If in doubt please consult the guides or organisers present.

Important! For more details on A and B walks, see the Guidelines for Walking Festival Participants (A & B Hill Walks). In respect of C Walks a reasonable level of fitness is required, together with strong footwear and a windproof and rainproof jacket.



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