Myshall lies at the foot of the northern slopes of the Blackstairs Mountains which provide a magnificent backdrop to the rich pasturelands and winding country roads. Myshall forms part of the stunning Mount Leinster Heritage Drive which offers beautiful views of Mount Leinster and the Nine Stones vantage point.

Myshall enjoys a long religious history with St. Finian and St. Columbanus both born in the village.

ATTRACTIONS: The Adelaide Memorial Church. Built as a miniature of Salisbury Cathedral in England, this architectural gem was completed in 1912 by John Duguid of Dover, to commemorate his wife Adelaide who died in 1903 and his daughter Constance who was killed in a riding accident near the village.

In this “exquisite church of rare beauty” many objects of interest are to be seen including marble, mosaic, woodcarving, stained glass and ironwork. The key is held locally by Mrs. Bridie Daly (white bungalow opposite church grounds Tel: 059-9157671; please phone in advance or alternatively contact John Kelly).

t: 059 – 9157584/ 087 – 9293661