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200th Anniversary Celebrations of John Tyndall, Scientist

August 2

200th Anniversary Celebrations of John Tyndall, Scientist

John Tyndall was an educator and alpine mountaineer is taking place in Carlow on Sunday 2nd August 2020, in the village Of leighlinbridge, the place of his birth in 1820. Born in Leighlinbridge, County Carlow, his early education has been likened to the “hedge school” variety, his teacher, John Conwill, he gained a solid foundations in mathematics, English composition, drawing and surveying. John Tyndall ranks as one of Ireland’s most successful scientists and educators reaching the pinnacle of 19th century science and  collaborated with  many of the best-known scientists of 19th century.

This 200th Anniversary Celebrations, we are joining his biographer Roland Jackson to look at Tyndall’s worldwide impact 200 years on from his birth in his home village of Leighlinbridge. Roland Jackson is the author of Ascent of John Tyndall. Roland Jackson lecture will draw on his extensive journals, letters, literary articles and scientific publications, showing us a detailed portrait of John Tyndall. Roland jackson will also discuss John Tyndall’s life against the backdrop of the victorian times,  in regard to science, religion and society.  roland jackson will also speak about John Tyndall’s intellectual interaction with his peers, Faraday, Pasteur and Tennyson to name a few. As a seasoned  mountaineer himself, Roland jackson will describe some of John Tyndall’s scientific achievements and and mountaineering expeditions.

Roland Jackson was head of the London Science Museum and Carlow County Museum are happy to welcome Roland Jackson to Leighlinbridge to celebrate the 200th anniversary of John Tyndall’s birth, as the author of, Ascent of John Tyndall,

In Carlow County Museum, you can find out about the great 19th century scientist John Tyndall, the first person to discover the greenhouse effect, has a peak in the Alps named after him and is best known for his work on the scattering of light by atmospheric particles and on the absorption of infrared radiation by gases.



August 2


Co. Carlow Ireland


Carlow County Museum
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