20th September 2018

County Carlow Golf Classic 2018 – Results

31st January 2018

Carlow Golf Classic 2018

With our verdant landscape and mild climate, Ireland is one of the world’s premier destinations for golf – and we have plenty of home-grown players of all ages and levels of ability, too! Both professional and amateur golfers flock to …

21st November 2017

Christmas is coming to Carlow

Hallowe’en is long over, and the Christmas lights are being turned on all over the country, so we reckon it’s safe to start talking about our fabulous plans for the holiday season!

Here in Carlow, we are kicking Christmas off …

13th September 2017

Take a Hike – at the Carlow Walking Festival!

To celebrate our glorious countryside in style, Carlow Tourism has organised the 2017 walking festival, which will be held on October 6-8th.

County Carlow offers some of the most beautiful landscapes and walking opportunities in Ireland, and autumn …

17th July 2017

County Carlow Golf Classic 2017 – Results

County Carlow Golf Classic 2017 – Results

Winners Overall
1st  – Team 33 – Score 281 points Handicap Club
Paul Corcoran 10 Lisselan
Owen Ryan 10 Lisselan
Andrew Welton 9 Lisselan
John Tanner 12 Lisselan
2nd – Team 32 –
17th July 2017

Carlow Garden Festival

Here in Ireland, we like to complain about the rain – and to be fair, it does rain quite often – but the redeeming feature of our much-maligned damp, mild weather is that we have the perfect climate for a …

14th April 2017
Celtic Taste of Carlow 22nd - 23rd April 2017

Taste of Carlow Festival

Of course, it’s fun to taste exotic flavours from around the globe, but in the rush to embrace international cuisine, we almost forgot about the wonderful flavours that have their origin in our lush green landscape – and no landscape …

25th January 2017

Arboretum ask for votes to become the ‘National Public Champion’ in Europe’s largest business competition

The award winning Arboretum Home and Garden Heaven calls for votes to become the ‘National Public Champion’ for Ireland in this year’s European Business Awards sponsored by RSM, Europe’s largest business competition.

The company has posted a video online at …

18th January 2016

Carlow Restaurants: Choosing a restaurant

Choosing which Carlow restaurants to dine in can be difficult for a traveler unfamiliar to the area. How do you choose a restaurant when traveling?