Guidelines for Walking Festival Participants

If you’re a serious rambler or just like to stretch your legs and enjoy the view, then the Carlow Autumn Walking Festival is for you!

The walks are in a mountainous area.

The terrain will be rough in parts and surefootedness will be required.

Ground conditions may be wet in parts and your feet will likely get wet.

Weather conditions can change and can be more severe than in the lowlands.

Routes will be changed if circumstances, such as change in weather, require it.

  1. There will be a leader for each walk with a number of assistants. They are experienced hill walkers.
  2. The leaders’ decisions are to be respected.
  3. Participants must remain with the leaders.
  4. Anyone who wishes to leave the walk must inform the leader beforehand. Mountain Rescue will be called out for people who are missing without explanation.
  5. Anyone who wishes to stop temporarily or take a break should inform the leaders first.
  6. The walk will proceed at the pace of the slowest.
  7. Participants with a medical condition that is relevant should inform the leader in confidence.
  8. Participants will be issued with a list of phone numbers of leaders and organisers.
  9. If a problem arises and participants are separated from their leaders they should phone them or the organisers. Texting often works in areas with poor reception.
  10. In case of serious problem or injury in the absence of the leaders and where they are not contactable ring 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue.

Things you need

  1. Reasonable level of fitness
  2. Strong footwear suitable for rough terrain. Walking poles or stick very useful.
  3. Rucksack
  4. Windproof and rainproof jacket preferably with hood
  5. Warm clothing, warm hat gloves, scarf.
  6. Sun hat and sun protection
  7. Some extra warm clothing to bring with you.
  8. Dry change of clothes for after the walk

Food and Drink

  1. Water
  2. Hot drink
  3. Sandwiches for lunch
  4. Energy bars etc.

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